Goodell-Pratt Spiral Screwdriver w/Hex Adapter

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This is a very rare tool manufactured in the 1908-20's era in Greenfield Mass! This model from the original 1890's patented model, featuring clockwise movement of the spiral only.  So after you push in on the handle you drive the screw in, when you pull back the spiral remains in the neutral position.  You can also lock the spiral shaft for tightening/loosening the chuck to remove/load the bit.  This model screwdriver is 11.5" long fully extended, 7.25" long closed and locked in a stationary position, without the bit in the chuck. We are also including a modern hex tip adapter that fits into the collet type chuck so you can use standard hex bits including star and Phillips bits current found at your local hardware store.  Also included is a small set of allen hex tips to fit the adapter.  This one is in very good usable condition, with one original 1/4" wide slot bit included. It is marked by the maker,"GOODELL-PRATT CO. GREENFIELD MASS. U.S.A.." and also marked "PATENTED JULY.22.1890  NOV.17.1891". Goodell Bros., the original patent holder, became Goodell-Pratt Co. in 1899. This is a unique design with a good solid wood handle, that has some wear, dings on the butt end mostly and some scratches noted, but still looks nice. The  spiral features are in nice shape, very little wear, smooth operation (regular oiling is required when in use). The bit is removable, held in place very tightly with a good collet type screw chuck with a notch at the bottom that a male notch on the bits fits into to keep the bits from spinning in the chuck. We note some dents on the handle brass ferrule but still very solid, handle is well attached. Overall a very nice clean tool. One of the first we have offered with a usable hex adapter so you can use it in you shop for a larger variety of applications!  

(Note:  The included hex adapter is designed to hold the longer hex bit than those in the picture that are included.  The long bit with the concave notch near the end will lock into this adapter which also has a manual spring loaded release feature).

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