Antique Sword in the Style Of Islamic Al-Andalus Jineta Sword Emirate Of Granada

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Rare antique, 19th-century sword in the form of the Medieval 15th-century Islamic Spanish, Al-Andalus, Nasrid Dynasty, Hispano-Moresque, Emirate of Granada, Jineta swords.

The bronze hilt is characteristic of Moorish Al-Andalus Nasrid, featuring elaborate patterns and downturned quillons shaped like stylized elephant trunks. On the outer side of the pommel, there is a recessed center with a roseate, and the script is stylized in Arabic calligraphy.

The hilt is mounted with a good quality, long, sturdy, double-edged blade. The blade is forged from high carbon steel and features a visible Damascus pattern. This intricate pattern on the blade results from a meticulous process of folding and hammering the steel.

If you tap the blade with a finger or a metal object, the blade will sing beautifully like a tuning fork or a fine bell.

The sturdy design of the blade ensures that it can withstand the rigors of combat. The sword's blade is possibly much older than the 19th century bronze hilt.

The swords of this particular type were crafted solely in the Emirate of Granada during the Nasrid dynasty, a prominent Muslim dynasty that ruled over the Emirate of Granada from 1238 to 1492 AD. These swords were renowned for their unique design and superior craftsmanship, which made them highly sought-after by warriors and collectors alike.

We acquired this sword as part of a collection of Islamic antiques, which also included antique arms and armor. The collection was sourced from Canada and is believed to be the largest of its kind in North America. It took over four decades to put together. Please check out our store inventory to explore other unique items from this remarkable collection.

Overall length: 108.5 cm (42.72 inches).
Length of the blade: 90.5 cm (35. 63 inches).
Width of the blade at the crossguard: 4.5 cm (1.77 inches).

CONDITION: in very good condition with an old patina.

The sword is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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