Antique Silver Inlaid Brass Islamic Mosque Lamp Turkish Ottoman Empire Mamluk Revival

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Outstanding quality antique, 19th century, Islamic, Turkish Ottoman Empire, (Egypt), Cairo -Ware, Mamluk Revival, Silver and copper, inlaid brass, large hanging Mosque lamp, “Qandeel."

A brass body of classical dome form and small conical finial surmounted by an elaborated openwork finial, the central wide band adorned with four large copper, inlaid and pierced, medallions containing a calligraphic Arabic inscription, profusely inlaid in thick silver and interrupted by four elaborated cartouches decorated with openwork, interlacing scrolling design.

The lower and upper band decorated with openwork, and silver and copper inlaid arabesque motives. The bottom section pierced with scrolling foliage and adorned with seven copper inlaid roundels containing a silver inlaid six-pointed star- Seal of Solomon – Khātim Sulaymāni خاتم_سليمان on an engraved background and pierced with tubular mounts for glass oil containers (now lacking, since in the early 20th century the oil lamp had been converted to an electrical lamp, as most of the Mosque lamps.

All suspended from the skirt by three handmade chains decorated with six, cast in openwork motives, brass ornaments.

Measurements: Approximately:

Total Height with Chains: 87.5 cm (34 1/2 inches).

Lamp High: 37 cm (14 1/2 inches).

Diameter: 26.5 cm (10 3/8 in).

Condition: Overall in excellent condition, glass oil containers now lacking, five western electrical sockets with electrical wiring were added, at some point in the beginning of the 20th Century, to the inside for illumination.

Please be aware: For anyone who wants to use this lamp as a light fixture. The electrical installation, which is approximately 100 years old, must be replaced since it is rotten and not in working order. We are not selling this antique lamp as a light fixture, but as an Islamic art work, the electrical wiring has been left as proof that the lamp is indeed antique, and not a modern reproduction made recently in Egypt or Syria, as most of the Cairo ware objects, or the other brass or copper hanging Mosque lamps, which are for sale on the market and misrepresented as the genuine antiques, and in fact they are modern reproductions.

These modern reproductions do not have any historical, or investment value. This is the authentic antique of extremely fine quality, silver inlaid Mosque Lamp.


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Antiques (approx100yrs)
19th century
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Brass Silver and Copper