Antique Polish Walking Cane Obuszek War Hammer Nadziak 18th Century Poland

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Antique, 18th century, Polish nobleman walking cane "Obuszek" with steelhead in the form of a war hammer "Nadziak," composed of a hand forged, faceted steel head with a down-curved, tapered, curved rear fluke and a three-stage hammer, with a rounded face, separately made tubular steel socket, fused to the head.
It is mounted on its original hardwood haft of a circular section, pierced with a hole for suspension cord at the top, and a copper eyelet on one site.
The "Obuszek" walking cane, with a head in the form of a war hammer "Nadziak," was very popular with the Polish nobility in the 17th and 18th centuries and was used not only as a walking cane but also as a deadly weapon often used in brawls. Therefore, carrying it in local councils and churches was forbidden.
In old Poland, wearing the "Obuszek" was so widespread among the nobility that it spawned the saying, "Bez karabeli ani z poscieli, bez obuszka ani od lozka" (without a karabela, he does not get up from the sheets, and without an obuszek from the bed).
The "Obuszek" was a common secondary weapon of Polish nobles, right behind the Polish karabela sword.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length; 84 cm (33 inches)
Length of the steelhead: 9 cm (3.54 inches).

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age, shows age and use, the surface of the head is slightly pitted with a dark glossy patina, and the round hammer face with chipping, which clearly shows the lamination in the steel, forged, layered structure.
The head of the "Obuszek" is hand-forged from high-quality steel that will chip but will not smash when it hits another hard steel object, as is the case with an axe or sword blade made of soft steel or iron.

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