Glazed Earthenware Faience Jardiniere from Céramiques de Bordeaux Vieillard

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This  monumental earthenware jardiniere in the Persian taste, circa 1880s, is the largest of its kind we have ever seen, measuring 12 in tall and 22.5 in across (32 by 57 cm), and comes from Jules Vieillard & Cie of Bordeaux.  It features Islamic floral decorations in turquoise, green, red and blue colors.  Condition is good. There are scratches, nicks, and repairs to chips along the bottom edge.  For a very similar work from Longwy, a little smaller at 18.5 inches across and with very similar pattern of arabesques and flowers, see the jardiniere in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, accession number 1991.86, shown here in this public domain image from the Met website (with Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license).

The origins of pottery in Bordeaux date to 1714 when Jacques Hustin, Treasurer of the navy in Bordeaux, acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market tin glazed pottery.  After the firm's exclusivity expired in 1762, potters settled in the region and by the end of the century eight firms were operting.  

Vieillard et Cie (Vieillard and Company) was created in 1845 when Jules Vieillard (1813-1868) succeeded the Irishman, David Johnson, in managing a pottery he founded in Bacalan.  Vieillard is known for enhancing the quality and designs of Bordeaux pottery and marketing wares comparable in quailty to those of Creil-Montereau.  In October 1852, the pottery was awarded the ribbon and cross of the Legion of Honor from the Prince-President, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte.  In 1854 the firm achieved a gold medal of the Société philomathique de Bordeaux.  Works from Vieillard et Cie can be found in the collections of numerous museums across Europe and abroad, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum, Musee des Arts Decoratifs et du Design de Bordeaux, Musee d'Orsay. From 1865 to its closure in 1895 Vieillard's sons managed the pottery.

( bowl orientalist middle eastern style planter )

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