Antique Miniature Portrait Napoleon At The Fontainebleau 1814

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Antique hand-painted miniature depicting "Napoleon at the Fontainebleau, 31 March 1814" after renowned artist Paul Delaroche. The intricate details and superb craftsmanship of this 19th-century artwork are truly remarkable. It is signed on the wafer panel's front and back.
This beautiful miniature painting has been meticulously hand-painted using gouache on a natural wafer panel. 
It is presented in an oval-shaped, elaborate ormolu bronze frame with original convex glass. The frame has a hinged suspension loop at the top and is lined with brown velvet fabric.

Size of the frame, including the suspension loop: 11.5 cm x 7.8 cm (4.53 inches x 3.07 inches).
The oval miniature panel's dimensions are 8.5 cm x 6.5 (3.35 inches x 2.56 inches).

CONDITION: The painting and the frame are in very good condition, with no restorations or repairs.

NOTE: This painting shows Napoleon at Fontainebleau after his first abdication. This icon of the imperial legend shows the Emperor several days before he performed that political act, indeed at the very moment when he realized that the wheel of fortune had turned.
Just off his horse, his great coat and boots still spotted with mud, and his hat thrown on the ground, his papers case thrown on the divan, the Emperor sits slumped in a chair, stunned at recent events.
Defeated and already abandoned by many of his erstwhile supporters, here he is alone in his private apartments in Fontainebleau, staring destiny in the face. He sees glory has turned its back on him and understands that his fall is close.

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