Antique Islamic Indonesian Cirebon Sword Dagger Kris Keris Mayang Mekar Pamor

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Superb Quality antique 18th century, Islamic Indonesian North-East Java, Cirebon short sword or dagger, Kris - Keris

The excellent quality, sturdy, hand-forged serpentine-shaped blade with 9 luk ('waves’), made of Damascus steel Pamor of very rare ‘Mayang Mekar’ (Aren palm leaves) pattern sculpted with high ridges and deep grooves with kembang kacang, in the form of a stylized elephant trunk of the Hindu Deity Ganesha, from the pre–Islamic Period.

In ancient Indonesian folklore the God Ganesha, the elephant God, who stood symbol for knowledge, always inhaling knowledge with her trunk.

Kerisses with Sempana dapur will help the owner of the keris to realize his dreams, ideals and desires by constantly gaining knowledge and using this knowledge to realize his dreams, goals and desires.
A scarce Wilah (blade) with a very interesting twist-core pattern beginning in two separate twists, ending up together towards the tip. The blade has eleven ‘Luk’ (curves) which represents the mythological serpent ‘Naga’ and is associated with high social status. The ‘Dapur’ (blade form) is called ‘Cerita’ and the applied pamor is one of the rarest types (Mayang Mekar) which represents pamor in the form in the palm leaves.

Finely hand-carved hardwood handle (Hulu) finely hand sculptured in the form of ancestral figure siting in a squatting pralambapada asana on a throne. This form of the carved Hulu is from pre–Islamic Period.

This keris has magical properties that will always enable the owner to more than adequately provide for his necessities of life. Beras Wutah possesses magical powers that give serenity, prosperity and an abundance of natural resources to the owner. By owning this keris, the owner will be promoted faster in his career, or his own business will flourish. The owner will be able to focus on achieving his goals in life.

The wooden scabbard is encased with a silver Pendok, adorned with finely repousse, and engraved with foliage. The warangka in the form of a European sailing vessel is made of Gembol, wood with naturally occurring contrasting grains and adorned on corner the with delicate foliage carvings.

This superb quality keris was made for a leader of high social class. The finely carved hilt and thick well-made eleven luk blade and twist core Mayang Mekar pamor indicate the importance of the owner.

CONDITION: Showing the age and usage with superb old age patina.

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Overall length with the scabbard: 46 cm (18.1 inches)


1. "Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago" by Albert G. van Zonneveld.

2.Den indonesiske kris - et symbolladet vå Karsten Sejr Jensen.

The buyer will be provided with a copy of the pages from the mentioned references and a certificate of authenticity.

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