Antique Indo Persian Islamic Indian Damascus Steel Sword With Gold Overlaid Parrot Hilt 19th Century India

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Antique 19th century exceptional Islamic Indo-Persian (North-West Indian) gigantic sword with exquisite copper and gold overlaid pistol shape hilt. The pommel is in the form of a stylized parrot's head decorated throughout with a chiseled design in a distinguishing Mughal floral pattern.

Mounted in superb quality, massive and heavy, single-edged, welded sharp Damascus steel blade with a watered pattern.

A slightly recurve blade is in the form of the famous Khyber Salwar Yatagan with a T-shaped ridged spine tapering gradually from the hilt to a sharp point, cut on both faces with a narrow, fuller.

The sword comes with its original wooden scabbard covered with crimson velvet trimmed with gold metallic braided cord.

The parrot bird has maintained a significant presence in Mughal culture and has also appeared in literary poetry.

Mughal Emperor Akbar (1542-1605) motivated artists in his court to paint a parrot telling stories in a painting series known as Tutinama, which was the outcome of parrots appearing in Mughal art, including paintings, sculptures, and metalwork.

Various Mughal swords and daggers' hilts were adorned with pommels in the form of a stylized parrot head.



The overall length of the sword sheathed in the scabbard: 85 cm (33.46 inches).

Overall length without the scabbard: 82.3 cm (32.4 inches).

Width of the blade at the ricasso: 5 cm (1.3 inches).

The thickness of the spine: 27 mm.

Weight without the scabbard: 1.057 kg. (2.3 lbs.)


CONDITION: This sword is in good original condition, considering its age to be over 100 years old, showing its age and use, some wear to the gold overlaid.

The velvet fabric of the wooden scabbard is slightly worn and stained.

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PROVENANCE: Acquired from an old Canadian Collection Of Islamic Art.



1. A similar North Indian Mughal sword with a similar Khyber style blade with a like welded Damascus steel pattern mounted and a Khanda hilt was published in the Butterfield & Butterfield auction catalog on January 1, 1998, Page 56-57. Lot 2028. (DR. LEO S. FIGIEL MOGUL ARMS, SWORDS & DAGGERS COLLECTION). Please see the last 2 pictures in the listing.


2. Another North Indian sword with a similar Khyber style blade with a similar welded Damascus steel pattern, mounted with an Indian Tulwar-Talwar hilt, was published in Christie's auction catalog "Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds," London, April 24, 2013. Lot: 167.

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