Antique Gold Mounted Arab Islamic Arabian Sword Saif Shamshir

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A very rare and important antique, circa 1850 -1920 AD, museum-quality Islamic Middle Eastern - Arabian, Arab sword "Saif" in the form of the Indo-Persian saber shamshir in a characteristic Arab style.

The sword is mounted in solid 22k gold.

A hilt comprises a grip with camel bone grip scales, enclosed by solid gold straps and wrapped in a solid gold wire at the base, rising to a solid gold cup-pommel, jeweled with faceted synthetic ruby stone.
Solid silver crossguard with bud-shaped terminals is embellished with solid gold repousse plaques with geometric patterns and arabesques.

The wooden scabbard is clad with solid gold mounts formed from several separate elements, made of 22 karats solid gold sheet, it is embossed and engraved with typical Arabic tribal motifs and mounted with two large bulging solid gold suspension mounts (rings missing).

Long, slightly curved, sturdy, hand-forged steel blade with a slightly visible welded Damascus pattern with horizontal lines in the form of the ladder pattern (see the last two photos in the listing). The blade is cut on each face with a broad full-length fuller and a short, slender fuller along the back edge, the spine near the crossguard is stamped with unspecified marks.

These exceptional qualities, gold-mounted Arab swords "Saif " are classified as "Royal Sabers" that belonged to Arab kings, sultans, or sheiks, sometimes they were presented to very important persons (other monarchs).
In Muslim culture, the offering of the sword is an act of definite friendship, loyalty, trust, and mutual protection between the giver and beneficiary.

Most of these royal swords have leather-trimmed scabbards and individual gold fittings. This sword's scabbard is entirely clad with a 22-karat solid gold sheet.

Overall length with the scabbard: 98 cm (38.58 inches)
Overall length without scabbard: 95 cm (37.4 inches)
Length of the blade: 82 cm (32.28 inches)
Width of the blade at the widest point: 3.5 cm (1.38 inches)

Total weight of the sword with scabbard: 1.156 kg (2.549 lb.)

The approximate weight of the gold is 265 grams.

CONDITION: with signs of age and use, the gold sheet on the scabbard is damaged with some abrasion, dents, scratches and nicks, which is common in this type of mount since 22 karat gold is softer than steel or brass.
Two carrying rings for suspension mounts are missing.
Probably there was a chain connecting the pommel with the crossguard, which is missing.
The two upper gold parts of the scabbard mountings can be pulled out in a straight line. The rest of the gold cover clad on the scabbard cannot be removed since they are mounted on the curviness.

Please see all 24 pictures in the listing as they are part of the object's condition description.

The sword is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by our company Hundred & One Antiques, and the Jewelry Appraisal of the value of the gold alone used to decorate this sword based on the gold value of March 05, 2021.
Gold as a metal, excluding its value as jewelry, is valued at $ 16,778.60.

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