Antique Chinese Sino - Tibetan Qing Dynasty Dagger Knife Trousse Set In Jeweled Silver

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Antique Chinese, Sino-Tibetan,19th century, Qing Dynasty, trousse set, mounted in jeweled silver, comprising of a knife and bone chopsticks. The knife with a sharp, sturdy, hand forged long steel blade cut on the one site with a narrow fuller. The hilt is composed of two buffalo horn grip-scales, mounted with embossed and finely pierced cup pommel. <P>

Rosewood scabbard is mounted with silver fittings worked in repousse low relief and finely pierced with dragon, 2 the red bird (zhu qiao), phoenix (Fenghuang) and lion amidst foliage and scrollwork and applied with settings of 7 natural corals stones and 6 natural turquoise stones. The suspension mount is in the form of stylized mythical dragon. <P>

Accompanied by two bone chopsticks mounted with silver cups. The suspension ring retains an original fabric cord. <P>

Under the Qianlong emperor (reigned 1736-1796) the wearing of these sets became mandatory for all Manchus and Mongols. Their tradition had been cutting meat straight from the bone. This was in contrast to the Chinese method of eating, where the food was pre-cut into bite sized pieces that could be eaten with chopsticks. In an attempt to preserve elements of the frugal and outdoors nature of the Manchu and Mongol lifestyles under the Qing, it was illegal for them to have their meat pre-cut. And so, all Manchus and Mongols were, required to wear these trousse sets to eat their meat in a traditional way. <P>

CONDITION: Showing age and usage. <P>

Please see all 7 pictures in the listing as they are part of the object's condition description. <P>


Overall length of the knife, sheathed in the scabbard: 29.5cm (11.61 inches). <P>

REFERENCES: A Glossary of The Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor” By George Cameron Stone. <P>

We will also provide the buyer with photocopies of the pages from the mentioned references together with a certificate of authenticity.

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