Antique 19th Century Bronze Sculpture Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Presenting The Legion Of Honor At Camp de Boulogne By Claude Bouvet

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An antique 19th-century bronze relief sculpture by Claude Bouvet (1755 - 1813) depicts Napoleon Bonaparte, in a standing pose presenting the Cross of the Legion of Honor at the Camp de Boulogne.
Napoleon is depicted in his favorite uniform as Colonel of Chasseurs Cheval de la Garde Imperial, complete with epaulets, the Cross of the Legion of Honour on his chest, and a sword at his side.
In his right hand, he holds a scroll of the document that awards the Order of the Legion of Honor, and with his left extended hand, he presents the Order of the Legion of Honor.
The sculpture showcases the artist's exceptional skills, with stunning hand-chiseled details of the uniform, hair, ears, eyes, and signature Bouvet on the base.
There were two versions of this sculpture. The earlier ones were made in the form of a statue, while the later ones were cast as rectangular plaques, and as well as iron or bronzed iron statues.
The model of this relief made of plaster by Claude Bouvet is kept at the Museum of the Legion of Honor.
Bouvet's other works are preserved at the Bertrand de Châteauroux Museum, and one is located at the Napoleonic Museum on the island of Aix.

NOTE: Claude Bouvet, son of Jean Bouvet and Marguerite Paulin, was a French Old Masters artist who was born in Paris circa 1755 and died in 1813. He was a student of famous French artist Louis-Simon Boizot (1743–1809).

Height: 72 cm (28.35 inches).
Weight: 9 kg (20 lb.)

CONDITION: It is in very good condition with a beautiful dark brown patina, with an original drilled two hole in the middle for mounting.

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