Antique 19th century French Napoleonic Miniature Portrait Of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

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This exquisite piece of art is an antique 19th-century French miniature portrait of one of the most iconic historical figures, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The portrait is painted on an oval convex porcelain panel, adding elegance to the piece. The painting is a true masterpiece, with fine details that showcase the artist's skill. Napoleon is depicted wearing his favorite Colonel Chasseurs Cheval de la Garde Imperial uniform, complete with gold epaulets and a white waistcoat. The uniform design is accurate, and the painting impeccably captures the intricate details of the uniform. The portrait is a stunning piece of art that not only serves as a testament to the artist's skill but also provides a glimpse into the fashion and military style of the 19th century.
He wears the star of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour and the Croix d'officier of the same order.
The Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour is the highest French order of merit for military and civil accomplishments, while the Croix d'officier is awarded for significant contributions to French society.
This miniature portrait, painted with a fine brush, shows the artist's superb skills. It features an extremely fine and realistically painted face with beautiful eyes, lips, hair, and uniform details.

This exquisite artwork is securely housed in a beautiful, oval-shaped bronze frame plated with 24K gold for a luxurious and elegant look. The frame also features lovely jeweled embellishments that add an extra touch of beauty and refinement. The back of the frame is stamped with "GUARANTEED A.M.W. 24KT GOLD PLATE," guaranteeing the high quality of the materials used. The artwork also comes with a support easel and a loop for hanging, providing multiple display options. 

MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions of the oval frame: 7.4 cm x 6 cm (2.91 inches x 2.36 inches).

CONDITION: This original painting is in excellent condition, with no signs of restoration or repair. The bronze frame displays a charming patina from age and use.

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