Antique 19th Century Silver Plated Copper Shield In 16th Century Renaissance Style

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A good quality antique, 19th century, from Victorian period time, electrotype plated silver on copper, large shield in the 16th century Renaissance Italian parade armor style.
A well detailed and very decorative example of the Victorian era representation of the early Renaissance Royalty shield, profusely embossed in high relief and chiseled with battle-scenes in front of the castle, with Renaissance-era soldiers and knights in armor, armed with falchion's swords, rondel daggers, axes, arrow bows, and spears; all showing lovely details.

The border is decorated at the top and the bottom with Roman mythological masks – flanked by the necked muscular captured warriors. The sides adorned cannons, classical Roman armor (lorica musculata), helmets, and fruit bundles, a typical ornament in Renaissance art.
The back of the shield is provided with suspension mounts to hang it on a wall.

In the 19th century, during the Victorian era, arms and armor were one of the most important elements of the interior design of upper-class mansions. These residences were decorated with arms and armor, some of them were made in the 16th-17th century, and some were custom-made in the 19th century for wealthy customers in the 16th-17th century style.

The electrotype process was invented in 1838, was used in museum work, served to produce study pieces for museum exchanges until the 1860s.


For related shield, from the collection of the Museo Stibbert, Firenze, Italy. Inv. no. armi1405. Please see the links below:

2.A two identical shields but with added later two candle branches were sold by Christie’s London, England. Interiors - Style & Spirit, May 17, 2011, for GBP 4,750 = US$7.695 (ten years ago, the prices of antiques were lower than they are today).

To view it, please see the link below:


3.Another almost identical shield but made of brass and not silver plate was sold in Aug 29, 2020 at Sofe Design Auctions Richardson, TX, USA Lot 0468. For $2600 +25% Buyer's Premium = $3250 Plus the sale Tax.

We will provide the buyer with photocopies of the pages from the mentioned references together with a certificate of authenticity.


CONDITION: Showing age and usage, with old dark patina. Slight wear to silver plating.
DIMENSIONS: 62 cm x 44 cm (24.41 inches x 17.32 inches).

WEIGHT approximately: 2.232 kg (4921 pounds)

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Silver Plated Copper