Antique 18th Century Chines Qing Dynasty Stone Bowl Painted in Gold Signed with Qianlong Mark

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An exceptional antique, 18th-century small Chines bowl, finely carved in translucent white stone, painted gold and signed with Emperor Qianlong four-character gold mark within a double-squares, China, Qing Dynasty (1736-1795).

The bowl has deep, rounded sides rising from a carefully carved ring foot to a slightly inverted rim.

The exterior is finely hand-painted in real gold with 5 imperial dragons with five claws on each foot, amongst profuse scrolling tendrils and flower heads.

The rim is adorned with a band of Ruyi heads, the base above the foot encircled with a lappet border.

The interior is finely painted with a central five-clawed imperial dragon with large open jaws amongst scrolling tendrils and flower heads. The walls are painted with 4 five-clawed imperial dragons amongst flowering sprays and scrolls.

This bowl is a true masterpiece of Chinese art; extremely well carved from a single piece of white stone with a perfectly polished smooth surface, the exterior and interior of the bowl are finely hand-painted with great fine details and perfect proportions.

Condition: The bowl has 3 clean breaks glued together. The broken part of the bowl is located on one side of the upper body below the rim and consists of one larger piece and two small pieces forming an area of approximately 7 cm in length.

A small piece, shaped like a small triangle, is missing at the joint.

The larger crack is almost invisible, so it was almost impossible to take a clear picture of that crack to show it (we used strong light when shooting). Please see the last picture in the listing.

The heavy gold paint inside and out is intact. It is not worn and is bright gold.

Pictures of the interior showing gold paint that is not bright but dull is an error as we could not take better quality pictures.

Please see the 22 pictures in the listing since they are part of the object's condition description.


Diameter: 10 cm (2.4 inches)

Height: 6 cm (4 inches).

WEIGHT: 100 grams

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