Antique 18th Century Indo-Persian Islamic Silver Inlaid Steel Mace

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Antique 18th Century Indo-Persian, Islamic silver inlaid mace, a skillfully hand forged entirely of steel mace with large pear-shaped head surmounted by a raised bud finial, facet octagonal in cross section haft enclosed by a rounded cusp. All richly decorated throughout in silver koftgari damascening with palmettes and foliage motifs.


These types of Islamic ceremonial maces were made in different styles, shapes and from various materials throughout of Muslim world, bared by Muslims commanders as a sign of rank and military authority.



1.Very similar mace dated to 17th-18th century have been presented at the exhibition - A Passion for Collecting - The Collection of Ryszard Z.Janiak, in the Royal Castle in Warsaw 2007 published in the catalogue from the exhibition.Page 133.
2. Persian and Indo-Persian Arms and Armour of 16th-19th Century from Polish Collection; Catalogue Expedition by Chodynski, Antoni; Lech Kobylinski. Page:344. No216.
3. Throne of Relics” in Honour of “His Royal Highness the Invincible Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland” on the Three Hundredth Anniversary of His Death 1696-1996. Wilanow Palace Museum Warsaw 1996. Page: 225 No:61


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During the 17-18th century in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Hungary this type of Islamic mace was an attribute of a commander of the highest military rank. Most of them were of Near Eastern origin imported to these countries from Turkey and Persia.


CONDITION: In its original condition, no repairs or restorations whatsoever. Showing the age and usage with rust dark patina, the silver inlay is slightly worn, particularly on the lower part of the haft.



Overall length: 62 cm (24.41 inches)

Height of the head including pommel: 15 cm (5.91 inches)

Width of the head: 8.5 cm (3.35 inches)

WEIGHT: 743 grams (1.64 pounds)

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