Antique 1733 Silver Medal King Of Poland Augustus II The Strong By Georg Wilhelm Vestner

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Extremely rare antique 18th-century posthumous medal struck in 1733 from solid silver to commemorate the death of Augustus II the Strong in 1733. Made by the medalist Georg Wilhelm Vestner (1677-1740).

Obverse: Bust of King to the right, around the inscription D G AVGVSTVS II REX POLON ELECT SAXON. Signed under the bust "VESTNER. F." Reverse: Pyramid with the attributes of Hercules, on the left, an ascending angel with a portrait of the king, around INFERTVR VINDEX TERRAE RADIANTIBVS ASTRIS Ovid in the episode, the inscription MORTALES EXVIT ARTVS / VARSOVIAE KAL FEBR / MDCCXXXIII.

On the obverse, to the right of the king's bust, there is an inscription from the end of the 18th century commemorating the birth of Barbara Ann Williamson in Worcester (England) on November 24, 1782. Most likely, the medal was a valuable gift given to the infant.

King Augustus II, "The Strong" (Polish "August Mocny," German "August der Starke") King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (reigned 1697-1704 and 1709-1733), prince elector of Saxony, as Friederich August I (ruled 1694-1733).

MATERIAL: Solid silver.

DIAMETER in approximately: 44 mm (1.73 inches).


WEIGHT: 28.5. grams.

CONDITION: Age and use are showing, but the overall condition is good considering the age - 290 years. Patina, slightly worn by circulation, some abrasions as scratches and nicks. However, with such great rarity, desirable in any state of preservation.

A piece moved by circulation but with such great rarity, desirable in any state of preservation.

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REFERENCE: "Gabinet Medalów Polskich oraz tych które się dziejów Polski tyczą począwszy od wstąpienia na tron Augusta II aż do zgonu syna jego Augusta III (1697 - 1763)". No.362.

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A related medal is in the collection of the Royal Castle In Warsaw (Museum in Poland). Please see the link below.

A related medal was sold in Poland on 24-02-2012 for 12 000 Polish Złoty ($ 3,922.00).

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This was the price 11 years ago, when antiques were cheaper than today, and the value of the Polish zloty was much higher than today.

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