North Bros. Yankee No. 31 Screwdriver w/Phillips Tip

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This is a nice clean, used North Brothers Yankee No. 31 spiral ratchet screwdriver in good+ condition. Marked "YANKEE NO. 31 NORTH BROTHERS MFG. CO. PHILA. PA. MADE IN U.S.A PAT APR.16.95 - NOV.2.97 - SEPT.5.99 - OCT.9.00 - NOV.3.08 - MAY.4.15" This is the biggest of the three models offered in the 1915 era, (23.5" long overall without the bit in it, with the spiral shaft fully extended), offered with two removable tips, one No. 2 size Phillips, and one slot screwdriver tip. In very good working condition. There is little minor wear on the handle, with over 80% of the maroon stain intact, some minor dings noted, no cracks, a few specks of white paint noted. The exterior of the main shaft is black painted, in fact none of the metal was nickel plated on this particular year model, since North Brothers faced a shortage of some of the plating material at this time in history. There is no rust on this tool, and it looks good in terms of minimal wear, and is in very good working order as well. Some Yankee screwdrivers are spring loaded in the spiral section, (quick return), this one does not, as per factory design, and works fine (the rapid return in this size is No. 131A, and we generally have them in stock). You can use this screwdriver with or without spiral or ratchet, using the adjustment setting on the main shaft. This is a nice clean old one! We have hex drive adapters available for sale, to fit this screwdriver, listed here on this site at additional cost (T5631A). The adapter allows you to use modern hex drive bits and bit sets, like nut drivers, and star type bits for example.

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