Ancient European Sword Vollgriffschwert 800-620 B.C. Celtic Hallstatt

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Scarce ancient European 800-620 B.C. Hallstatt culture (Ha C) sword of the type known as “Vollgriffschwert.”. Hallstatt culture is associated with Proto-Celts.
The sword is constructed of two separate elements; the bronze hilt and the iron blade.
The bronze hilt of characteristic type of bronze age Central European swords with an arched guard, semi-circular grip surmounted by horizontal disc-shaped pommel topped with an iron cap.

A broad, hand-forged, double-edged, tapered iron blade with a visible central rib is inserted into a bronze hilt and secured at the top by the pounded end of an iron blade tang with a washer in the shape of the iron cap.

European Hallstatt culture swords with iron blades made using forging technology lowered the sword's weight and improved the sword's cutting ability.

Iron-bladed swords are considered status symbols of the early Iron Age, luxury items reserved for an elite, while bronze-bladed swords were still made in large numbers for local use or export to various European regions located on the peripheries of Hallstatt culture.

However, these types of swords with iron blades were found in northern Europe, particularly northern Germany and Denmark. A few of them are preserved at The National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

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PROVENANCE: Ex-Private Canadian Collection.


CONDITION: It is 100% genuine in original excavated condition with no repairs or restoration at all. Well preserved in stable condition for an antique combat sword that is over 2600 years old.

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MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 51.5 cm (15.75 inches)

WEIGHT: 504 grams

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
800-620 B.C.
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Bronze and Iron