IMPORTANT ANCIENT Medieval Saxon Gold Ring circa 7th Century AD Medieval Garnet Gold Saxon Chieftain Ring Medieval Jewelry Saxon Warrior Chieftain Gold Ring Antique Men's Gold Ring

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An important Medieval garnet set Saxon gold ring circa 7th Century AD.

Beyond rare and of museum quality, it is also in very good condition and perfectly wearable.

This substantial historical ring takes the form of a Saxon warrior's shield and measures 27 mm across the face, the shank 9.6 mm wide.

It weighs 21.65 g and is made from 22 karat yellow gold, which is typical of Saxon pieces.

At the shield's centre is a 7.6mm dark red cabochon garnet surrounded by the exquisite woven gold wirework and gold balls typical of Saxon pieces from this period. The back is enclosed and the shank has been formed from nine solid wires, the central three twisted. This is Saxon goldsmithing at its finest. The patina of 1400 years shows only as a few small depressions on the rear of the shield and on the gold balls that decorate the shoulders... 22 karat gold remains lustrous and virtually doesn't tarnish with age but it is a little softer than modern alloys like 18 karat.

The design, materials, size and craftsmanship all tell us that this ring was made for someone of status and wealth, a noble or warrior leader or a member of such family.

The ring size is 9 1/2 US or S 1/2 UK. We have pictured the ring on a man's hand though of course the ring could be worn by a man or a woman.

Opportunities to acquire a piece like this are very few and far between. What a wonderful addition to any collection of historical jewels. Or the rarest of gifts for a fortunate someone.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
7th Century AD
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Ancient Saxon Ring - Good condition- ready to wear