Millers Falls Ratchet Auger Brace 8 inch No. 63 ca 1880

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This is a good, clean, 1880's era patented ratchet hand/bit brace, and it has a 8 inch swing. It is marked "PAT'D. JUNE 22, 1880" on the steel chuck sleeve, it is also marked in the same area "MILLERS FALLS CO. MILLERS FALLS MASS. MADE IN U.S.A.".  The 1880 patent date refers to the Stevens' sleeve which was added to the Barber's jaws.  The two jaws are spring loaded, so they do open as the sleeve is being turned counter-clockwise.  It is marked on the end stock steel arm, "NO. 63"  The wood on the handles is rosewood, looks really nice compared to most I have seen, some minor dings and scratches, but smooth and shiney overall, no cracks no damage.  As you can see in the photos, there is some pitting on both of the arms, but not nearly as much on the other areas.  I suppose this had to do with the difference in the type steel used in that era.  The is no active rust now, just the remaining pitting from past rust.  The chuck has good jaws, good spring load in the jaws, good threads.  The ratchet is the 1880's patented type with the lock, clockwise, & counterclockwise positions, set by turning the knurled sleeve to the desired position, work great, very reliable!   This model also has the ball baring spindle on the end stock handle assembly, works very smooth and is very sturdy, or heavy duty.  What can I say?  This is one of those tools that looks and feels like a top quality tool, motivates me to go do some quality work of my own! 

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