Millers Falls Jack Plane No. 14 w/2 Pc. Cap Cover

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This is a nice clean, ready to use Millers Falls Jack plane (comparable to the Stanley No. 5 plane in size and basic shape). This 1930's-50's era Jack plane comes with the two piece or split link nickel plated cap cover, plus the chip breaker is also nickel plated.  There is a patent number on the cap cover "PAT NO. 18522520".  The original hardwood tote and front knob that have the  rosewood type stain and the thick clear coat finish. It has no cracks and the black Japanning is about 99% intact with little wear on the bare metal surfaces. The handle and knob are very clean, they are solid with just minor wear on each, very nice looking, neither is cracked or chipped, the clear lacquer is about 98% intact.  The blade is sharp (appears to be original length, not sharpened) and has little sign of use, and is marked "MILLERS FALLS 2 IN MADE IN U.S.A." on it. On the side of the bed is marked "MILLERS FALLS NO. 14".  It is also marked "MADE IN U.S.A." behind the frog. The frog has red paint/Japanning on it, the bed has black/Japanning. The plane measures 14" long overall, and has a 2"wide cutter. The bare metal surfaces are rust free, some minor darkening or pitting of a few snall areas of the bare metal noted, but otherwise this plane shows little sign of use. Overall a very nice tool!

This is a rather rare plane, particularly in this very good condtion! Millers Falls started production on this model in 1929, we believe that production number were far lower then the Stanley No. 5 competition, and therefore less are remaining today. This is a really nice Jack plane, the first No. 14 I have had in years!

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