Millers Falls No. 98 Hand Drill 2-Speeds Rare!

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This is a very nice larger size 2-speed hand crank, hand drills, also featuring the removable end stock wood handle with drill storage inside. It is marked by the maker "MILLERS FALLS CO. MILLERS FALLS MASS. U.S.A. NO. 98" on the crank handle arm. I have seen few of these over the years, particularly few in this nice of shape! The 3/8" capacity, 3-jaw chuck looks nearly like new, and all the spindles are snug, not sloppy. The red/black paint is about 95% intact, gears look very good, the wood handles are solid, and the big removable handle has good spring button and threaded snug nut which keeps that handle nice and snug while attached. (We note some wear around the brass hole the the steel spring pin fits, but still work fine).  The hardwood crank handle was designed very narrow in diameter, which is fine, but most of split lines in them since the wood shrinks and expanded over the years.  This is the case with this crank handle, there is a split line, yet the wood is very well attached to a steel pin inside of it.  It works fine, not loose.  The side handle is in very nice shape overall.  The speed adjustment is that knurled center piece just behind the chuck. The knurled adjuster is in a caged position, so it's a little hard to get fingers in there to turn it, but that is what you have to do to change speeds. Works great once you get used to it, and keep it oiled often. Dating back to a manufacturing period around 1915, this is a hard to find model and a nice example of engineering and marketing of quality tools. The spiral drills shown in the photo with the end handle removed are included with the hand drill.  The drill bits are sharp and usable, but most likely not as old as the hand drill.  This hand drill is 16.5" long fully assembled.

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