Millers Falls No. 445 Yankee Push Drill w/8 bits Rare!


This is a very rare, hard to find 1920's era, Yankee type push drill with a set of 8 drill points! The drill point sizes range from .076" to .176, the spiral type bit is .125" size.  The bits come with a round wooden 2 piece case to hold the 8 drill bits, the case is marked YANK and is in nice condition, with most of the YANKEE label missing, but solid in useful condition. The drill bits are all sharp and ready to use, none damaged or rusty. This No. 445 model is very nice looking, with shafts nickel plated brass, and the screw type chuck is steel. (the older style, turn the knurled chuch sleeve to open and close the chuck). The chuck is basically the same as the North Brothers Yankee chucks, and so the drill points are the same. This model has no storage area in the handle like so many of the Millers Falls models did, but you do get the beautiful rosewood handle, and this was preferred by some buyers years ago. This is not a screwdriver, it was designed to drill only. It is 10" long overall, and is marked on the handle ferrule "MILLERS FALLS CO. MILLERS FALLS MASS. MADE IN U.S.A. NO. 445".This model is much like the North Bros. No. 42, but the spiral mechanism is concealed on this one. Overall this push drill and points are in very good to new condition, the handle is very solid, very little wear, and a nice finish. One of the nicest push drills I've seen from this late 1800's era!

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Woodworking Tools
Antiques (approx100yrs)
Late 1800's
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