Amidon Corner Auger Brace Large Patent 1884

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This is a nice, clean, large size corner brace. It is marked "AMIDON'S  PAT. MAY 13, 1884" on the chuck sleeve. The is/was some other engraved lettering and number it the same area, but they are so lightly marked and so small I am not able to read any more than what is posted.  The brace has a U-Joint drive system that allows the operator to crank the handle within the frame work of the larger brace frame work. The two jaw chuck and drive system are all in good working order, and cranks smoothly with one speed.  We note a few dents and dings on the chuck sleeve, but the sleeve is fully function the threads work smoothly for tightening or loosening.  The handles all appear to be hardwood, and all are solid, and fit correctly, the 3" diameter end knob or handle has some sort of old repair, as it appears that it may have had a grain separation that was of concern, then someone added some wood filler the the area of the chip, the other two handle spin freely, and are in good working order, the handle on the outside frame does have a grain separation in it, but is solid and otherwise in nice shape. The bare metal steel frame has no rust, clean, and smooth. Overall a very nice rare brace!

I think the patent date on the sleeve is more about the chuck, jaws, and chuck sleeve assembly.  Records show that Dumont Mfg. Co. made these for about 3 years, when the company name was changed to Dumont Tool Co., and that business only stayed in business for a few years also, until 1901. We have also seen braces like this one marked Amidon Tool Co., and were made by Amidon in 1895 previous to Dumont. A very well made, rare drill!

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