Mid-Century Vintage Large Korean Isho-Dansu Tansu Chest ~ 6 Drawer, 2 Door Asian Clothes Cabinet

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This piece is in overall very good condition with no structural damage and relatively light wear to be found. It was produced approximately 70 years ago and has been well cared for over the years. It is solid with no creaks or wobbles and the drawers and doors open and close as they should. It was cleaned up and inspected for this listing and the following was found to point out: > The top has a few minor dings > One top drawer spots is missing the small block of wood in the back that stops the drawer when it is closed > The right door latch back plate is missing the wood beneath it >One bottom drawer opening has the same issue as the top one described above. The rest looks to be in fine shape but could possibly stand some polish on the sides. The missing wood pieces are small blocks that are not seen from the outside so they are easily to replace. The drawer handles and all other metal pieces are in very good condition and the drawers look excellent with no damage and virtually no wear. There is small peeling of the Keyaki veneer on some edges, but as can be seen they are not all that noticeable and to a large degree all looks fine. The piece received a detailed cleaning that left it looking very good on the outside and clean and ready to use on the inside. There are several pictures included, and to try to show everything accurately some are with camera flash and some are not, and the pictures of the sides had to be taken at an angle as the flash caused too much glare straight on, and without it the surfaces were too dark. Overall this is a very nice looking piece in good condition inside and out

Dimensions . . .
Height: 55.25"
Width: 42.75"
Depth: 20"

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Furniture & Furnishings
Household Accessories
Vintage (20yrs+)
(Width x Height X Depth)
42.75 x 55.25 x 20.00
Very Good
Wood / Keyaki / Metal