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Vintage Hematite Cufflinks set tie clip wedding gift amulet. Native American folklore actually brings up the belief that any war paint that was created from the Hematite stone would make one warrior invincible in war. However they are not the only ones that have used Hematite. The Egyptians used it to promote the formation of blood. Actually during the Middle Ages it was called The Blood Stone because any water that was used to polish the stone would turn red.Hematite is used to improve relationships. If you need your personal relationship to be better, carry a hematite with you always. A perfect addition to a collection or for a gift for that special someone. ∆ Maker: unknown ∆ Material: silver filled , hematite ∆ Size : see photo ∆ Weight: medium ∆ Condition: In good vintage pre-owned condition. ∆ Lovely patina! Boxed for gift giving; gift wrapped on request. We don’t polish these previously owned well loved pieces so we can keep the original patina. We try and photograph all of the pieces next to a ruler so you can see the actual size. All jewelry sold as found. If you would like to see our other cufflinks and items in our store please click here : NOTE TO BUYER: We Do not offer engraving services of any sorts as we are not equipped to do so I’m sure your local jeweler would be happy to do so, sorry for any inconvenience thank you. All cufflinks ( unless otherwise specified) are considered costume jewelry. We use the descriptions of any stones from the manufacturers titles when they were first produced. When we refer to the stones as moonstone or jade or garnet, for example, we are using how the original manufacturer of the pieces used them. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of a stone in a costume piece of jewelry. June 9, 2014

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