Lufkin Tape Measure 50 Foot Anchor JR. Leather

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This is a very nice, rare small size, measuring tape with the steel 50' tape, marked "THE LUFKIN RULE CO. SAGINAW MICH. U.S.A. 50" on one side, and "ANCHOR JR. 50FT REG. US PAT OFF. DES. PAT. 120,369" on the other side of the leather wrapped. steel body. This style features the steel tape measure in inch graduations with raise markings and graduation lines on one side of the 1/4" wide steel tape. This one also has the push button feature that causes the folding exterior tape crank handle to pop out so one can wind the tape back in cranking it sort of like a fishing reel. Works very well! The steel tape is very clean, not rusty, no damage, about 99% like new, no torn or cut areas, and the tape end loop is in great shape. This one has the 1/8ths inch graduations, and the tape is in great shape! This is certainly a collectible tool, as quality small tapes like this are no longer made today. The leather on the outside is real leather, and in very good shape, good stitching, very few minor scuffs on the finish, but not cut or torn. The body under the leather is steel, and the hand crank area is nickel plated steel and brass with about 98% of the nickel plating intact overall. This is a 50 foot tape measure, but the exterior body is on 3.12" diameter, small enough to fit in your pocket. By a well known toolmaker in the mid-1900's era! A tape of this quality would cost well over $100 for this size if it were being manufactured today. A classic colectible tape measure!

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