Lufkin Metallic Leather Tape Measure 25 Foot

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This is a very nice vintage leather wrapped 25' "METALLIC" tape, tape measure in good working condition. These early leather wrapped tape measures were very well made, and this one was well cared for the most part, though there are some signs that the leather was alowed to get too dry.  So we used a leather restoring cleaner to moiturize the exterior leather.  Some cracks had begon to form, there are about several ranging in length from 1/4" to around 2" long, but all are still firmly attached to the metal body of the tape measure. It is marked "THE LUFKIN RULE CO. SAGINAW MICH. U.S.A. METALLIC TAPE" on the brown leather exterior and "THE LUFKIN RULE CO. IMPROVED METALLIC MADE IN U.S.A." on the white, black and red tape. The leather is double stitched around the 3.25" diameter, the stitching is holding fast but appears slightly stretched in some places, but not loose or falling off at all. not worn though. The white backround of the tape has disclored with light soiling, and the black numbers are faded over the first 9 inches, after that the original white backround is in very nice shape. We also note there is some minor edge fraying in the first 9" of the tape, all good after that.  The tape numbers and markings are large and very easy to read. I did note the white tape is very light in weight as compared to the solid steel type. The Lufkin catalog says the woven tape is made from Metallic line (very strong). The crank works fine, and the tape mouth brass rollers are in good shape also. A hard to find, quality made tool, by a well known tool maker!

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