Lot of 7 Old German Label 45rpm Records

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Lot of 7 German Label 45rpm Records - All are 45rpm records and are in great condition. I'm sure they can use a cleaning and I'm not sure if there are any skips as I don't have a turntable to test them. I have no idea if I put them in this listing correctly as I do not read German and there are some letters that my keyboard doesn't have so I did the best I could. Some of these records are that old extra thick heavy material. All are in their original sleeves and the sleeves are in fair condition some have tears in the seams. All of the records seem to look good and playable. The list of the records are as follows:

Das Rundfunk-Fritzle - Killesberg, mein Paradies, Ja, bei ons wird g'schafft * 345 171 PF * Philips Label

Langsamer Walzer (Scharlenberger - Busch - Rousch) Die Sternthaler - Sei immer bescheiden, Liebe geht seltxame Wege * 23 507 * Polydor Label

Carola Kraus - Mein Talisman Extended play both sides * O 41186 * Odeon Label

Willy Schneider - Hermann Hagestedt mit seinem Orchester, Koln - Schutt die Sorgen in ein Glaschen Wein, Man mufste nochman zwanzig sein, Druben in der Heimat, da bluht ein Rosengarten, Einen Sommer lang. Extended play two songs on both sides * 20 135 * Polydor Label

Willy Schneider - Auf der Heide bluh'n die letzten Rosen, Rosemarie Lied, Wenn abends die Helde traumt, Vor meinem Vaterhaus. Two songs on each side. * 20 016 * Polydor Label

Werner Veidt - I' mocht' mal wieder e' Lausbua sein, Der Vierreles-Schlotzer * U55 273 * Telefunken Label

Mantovani und sein Orchester - Mantovani spielt Straub-Walzer - Teil - Kaiser-Walzer - G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald, Teil - An der schonen blauen Donau Fruhlingsstimmen - Walzer * DX 1729 * Decca Fullschrift Label

If you collect records and LOVE German music This collection is perfect for you!

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