Large Montana Agate with Opal Beaded Bezel Cabochon with Beaded Rope Necklace Sterling chain and Clasp Hand Crafted

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Large Montana Agate with Opal Beaded Bezel Cabochon with Beaded Rope Necklace.  It is handcrafted one of a kind piece designed and created by myself.     This lovely Montana Agate I picked up at a flee market years ago in the Cascade Foot Hills from an old guy who had inserted a piece of genuine opal into a natural crevice in the stone.    Thought about doing a wire wrap with sterling wire but recently learned about bead embroidery and beaded bezels . Then dug out this wonderful  stone from my collection of cool stuff and went to work.     The stone is fully secured in peyote stitched  Charlotte silver beaded bezel.  Which are surrounded by brass tone glass beads  then a edge border of larger bronze beads and that in turn is trimmed with a pointed border of tiny Charlotte "Iris Brown" beads.    The bail is peyote stitched brass beads with an embellishment of a iridescent silver bi-cone beads framed with a diamond shape of other iridescent beads to match some of the beads in the rope .   The backing is genuine high grade leather   The rope is a herringbone color blocking of black, silver, mat brown with silver lining.   Each of the darker colors and divided by sections of  champagne colored iridescent beads that blend into some opal and another light shade of iridescent beads that have borders of the bronze beads and the bi-cone beads.   It all blend together excellently.     The ends are finished with a sterling  silver chain and claps.  

The rope is 22.5" long.  The pendant is 2.5" long x 1 7/8"  wide.  The beaded bail is 5/8" long.  

The pendant can be removed and worn on other ropes or chains.  And the beaded herringbone rope that is included here can be worn alone and it looks great.       

Some of the beads and components I have used here are a combination of new and old.   

This was my first attempt at this type of artistry  beadwork.  It is not perfect but it is still stunningly lovely and any flaws are not noticeable.  

The color in the pictures has been somewhat enhanced to bring out the colors. 

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