Imperial Glass Raised Rose on Fishnet Goofus Glass Vase

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This is a Circa 1910 EAPG Goofus Decorated vase with a raised Rose design on it. The pattern is called Rose on Fishnet by Imperial glass according to the Goofus Glass Museum and also a carnival glass site as this pattern has been put out in red carnival glass according to that site as well. According to these sites, this is a very scarce hard to find pattern. Almost all of the Goofus decorations have worn off as to be expected from age, only the rose has some red goofus decoration still on it and the leaves should have been gold. This is expected of Goofus glass over time and use. This vase has many bubbles and a polished pontil and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. This vase has an interresting look, almost as if it's a bottle but is a vase according to the books and websites. Some have also called this fishnet background crackle or cracked ice, however, the correct term is Fishnet. Floresces yellow in the black light due to the maganese in the glass, which is what makes glass turn purple in the sun. Measures 6" tall. A very primitive lookinig vase and quite unique! A perfect addition to any Goofus Glass or Imperial glass collection! This is a very rare piece and it will be hard to find another one!

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