Hawkins New Catechism of Electricity Leather Rare!

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This is a very rare copy of "Hawkins New Catechism of Electricity" leather bound soft cover with the front cover wrap-around flap in good++ condition. It measures 6.5" x 4.3". This edition has a 1896 copyright date, and is also marked 1899 under the Theo. Audel & Co. New York N. Y. on the inside title page. There is no mention of this being a first edition, we believe it to be a first edition of this type with the leather wrap-around flat on that partially cover the front cover. The flap is also marked "HAWKINS" in gold gilt lettering as it the spine lettering. The pages are edge in gold also, on all three sides. The binding, spine, page edges and pages are all in good++ to very good condition. We do note some very minor fraying on the maroon cover at the upper and lower edges, and some minor wear at each of the corners as well. A few minor tiny spot stains on the front cover, back and sides no stains noted. The inside cover papers are marbled, and on the back have been secured at the seam with archival repair tape, as they were slightly loose, now are very secure. Otherwise no other repairs. We also note some darkening on the inside flat area near the top inside flat area, this darkening is best explained as light decay of the leather finish, the leather is still strong, but the finish has worn away a bit in that area. Judging by the clean a bright white page, and the stiffness of the binding, we feel this book was rare read, and was carefully stored over the past one hundred years! A very nice example of a very rare edition from the early days of the Hawkins' treatise books that went on to become the Audels trade technical instruction and self-learning manuals later in their history. I truly collectible edition!

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