Goodell-Pratt Spiral Screwdriver Ca. 1897 Reverseable

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This is a very rare tool manufactured in the late 1800's era in Greenfield Mass! This is the improved model from the original 1890 patented model, featuring a seperate ratchet movement for both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise). The counterclockwise movement is release by one of the brass knurled, threaded nuts on the main shaft. In order to use the counterclockwise motion the clockwise motion has to be locked in place so it will not turn, this is done by tightening the knurled nut closest to the chuck. This is one of the first I have seen with this style spiral drive control on it. This slot bit screwdriver is 13.3" long fully extended, 8.7" long closed and locked in a stationary position, without the bit in the chuck. This one is in good useable condition, with one 1/4" wide slot bit included. The middle brass handle ferrule is marked "GOODELL .... U.S.A. 1897". There is more maker's marking on the brass, but the above is what we can read. Goodell Brothers., the original patent holder, became Goodell-Pratt Co. in 1899. This is a unique design with a good solid wood handle, that has some wear, dings on the butt end mostly and some scratches noted, but still looks nice. The ratchet and spiral features are in nice shape, little wear, smooth operation, seems to have a little more clearence in the spiral movement, and end shaft near the chuck also. This account for a little bit of wiggle in the shaft overall. The bit is removable, held in place very tightly with a good collet type screw chuck. Overall a very nice clean tool! One of the first we have seen of this type, in this nice of condition! Rare!

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