Georges Briard Lace Set

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Georges Briard Lace Set. What a neat set of old linens. 8 place mats, 8 napkins, and a table runner. They have the wonderful pulled thread work by M Wille, and in the original (poor condition box) box. They are all mint condition, but one place mat is discolored. There was a time that women wanted to Tea Dye linens and it appears that is what was going to happen, but they didn't do any more. I do not know if you could bleach it back to the original color, or use it as the head table setting, but the tea has discolored in places. The set does not look used, or very little use, Very nice. Napkins are 16 inches square, place mats are 16 x 10"" and runner is 42 x 16"". Very unique and quality made. Probably from the late 1800's or early 1900's. There is a picture taken of the off color one with a napkin on it to show difference in color. We dated these linens according to the women that we bought them from , but we have received this post from a shopper, so please see below for more information.

FYI: The lace set of napkins and placemats you have posted were not made when you state that they were made. My uncle was Georges Briard and when he designed for Max Willie (his partner), his merchandise (mostly serving ware, glasses, cheeseboards, bar buckets, etc.) was manufactured in the late 1950's through at least the 80's. The boxed Max Willie items were early--and included linen items that matched the drinking glasses. He also designed some fabrics, tablecloths, etc. Paper napkins and paper placemats come up now and then in his designs which were manufactured for many years by another company. It is incorrect to date these linens as being from the time that you listed.

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