Gage Tool Co. Plane Transitional 14 inch Rare! 1880's

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This is a rare gage plane marked "GAGE TOOL CO. VINELAND N.J." on the toe, and on the cutter. It is and early patented transitional plane with a early patented gage type cutter adjustment feature that is self-contained inside the wood frame/foot of the plane. There is the following patent dates on the cutter guide attachment "PAT'D APR.18.86, JAN.30.83, AUG.4.85". This cutter adjustment assembly involves 5 major parts, the cast frame with adjustment screw, The thread steel cross member that hold the frame in place with threaded screws, the cutter, the cutter gage attachment, and the cap cover, all are in very good condition, no damage, very little wear, about 70% Jappaning intact, no rust, good hardward, screws and threads, no cracks. There is plenty of stock on the cutter for future sharpening, and it is currently sharp and ready to use condition. The base or foot of the plane is clean, waxed and well cared for. It does show some wear, and there is a 3" long groove in one corner area near the toe, some rounded off sharp corners, (minor in terms of use), and a few minor, tight hairline cracks near the mouth. Overall in very good useable condition. The handle is also unique on this plane, as it has a cast iron base that holds it in place, as well as a metal top plate to protect it from chipping. The handle and front knob are both a darker wood, looks like walnut, both are solid, no cracks, both are in very good condition with only finish wear, and minor dings to report, no cracks, or missing pieces. This plane is rare because of it's size, this is comparable to the Stanley No. 5 jack plane, as it is 14" long with a 2" cutter, and we generally, or more commonly see the No. 4 1/2 size by Gage Tool Co.! This is the only one we have seen or had in stock in the No. 5 size. A rare plane, in very good, clean condition overall! It really is a wonderful plane to use! Have you ever tried one of these gage planes? Don't miss out on this one!

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