Exquisite Georgian Emerald Diamond Stomacher Brooch Pendant Set Enamel Miniature Portrait Stomacher Day Night Bow Brooch Pendants Set 18K Gold Silver 18TH CENTURY Vivid Green Old Cut Diamond Rose Cut PORTRAIT

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A mint condition original Georgian stomacher brooches and/or pendants set with earth mined polished natural diamond crystals, natural emeralds and an astonishing hand painted enamel miniature portrait.

This amazing Georgian jewel is of exceptional quality and is a one of a kind bespoke piece from the period. It is entirely handmade from solid 18K yellow gold and silver as was common in the era, this fabulous jewel was made long before the advent of platinum and white gold.

It can be worn a multitude of ways with 3 separate articulated sections that can each be worn on their own or with the other elements. So there are essentially 3 pendants that can be made from the set and 5 brooches possible as well. What is lovely as well is as the pieces are joined together they are articulated and do move beautifully. In the Georgian era this versatile piece provided many different possibilities and arrangements perfect to suit the dress codes at the time for both day and evening attire. This kind of jewel was, at least in its fully assembled form, worn pinned to the centre of the bodice or to a stomacher. Other terms for this kind of stomacher jewel are devant de corsage, corsage adornment or corsage brooch.

The detail in the enamel painting is extraordinary right down to the individual strands of hair, fine detail on her bodice, the painted lips and a faint sparkle in her eyes. Even at high magnification it is difficult to see the fine brushstrokes of the artist who created this miniature portrait.

On the reverse of the pin is equally fine, hand pierced and engraved with a delicate floriate design.

Typical of the era all the gems are fully enclosed with foil backs. Each lovely jewel is intact with no missing stones which attests to the exceptional quality of the piece.

In total it weighs 42.7 grams.

Overall this brooch measures 3 9/16" in length (91mm) and is 2 3/16" wide (56mm). A list of the dimensions of each articulated section which can be worn individually is as follows:
* The diamond and emerald set hand made bow brooch is 1 9/16" long and 2 3/16" wide (39mm x 56mm).
* The fine diamond and hand painted enamel miniature pendant/ brooch is 2 3/16" long and 1" wide (39mm x 56mm)
* The lovely solid 18K gold and genuine emerald drop pendant is 1/2" long by 5/16" wide (13mm x 8mm).

A list of the precious gems in this museum quality stomacher brooch and pendant set is as follows:
* 126 set fine white earth mined diamond crystals with an average size of 3.5 points
* an emerald cut natural emerald measuring 7.3mm x 6.3mm x 4.5mm and weighing 2 carats
* a pear cut earth mined saturated green emerald measuring 9.5mm x 6.2mm x 2.8mm and weighing approximately 1 carat

This makes the total estimated fine diamond weight 4.5 carats. The total precious emerald weight is 3 carats.

In total, the weight of diamonds and emeralds is 7.5 carats.

It is of European origin.

This romantic jewel is a one of a kind genuine Georgian jewel of highest quality. It is beyond rare to obtain a piece such as this in this condition.

A wonderful addition to your own collection or a perfect gift.

This amazing brooch/pendant set has been examined by a specialist antique jewelry appraiser and gemologist. Included are the appraisal documents.

It will be sent gift wrapped in a presentation box, the outer shipping packaging plain.

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circa 1800
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