Donald Duck Living Ring with Pep Box, 1949

Offered here is a 1949 premium that was sent for a Pep cereal box top and 25¢. More amazing than the ring is the "box" of Kellogg's Pep cereal that brings it to life! The rings are often seen without the box. The action of the toy still seems like magic. When you move the top of the cereal box close to Donald he grabs it in his beak. if you move it up and down in front of his face he opens and closes his beak. When it is moved around his head he turns his head to follow it. If you turn the box over and move the bottom toward him he turn away. The secret? The box is a magnet and there is a magnet inside Donald's hinged head. Even with the "magic" explained it is still fun.

This toy has been in our family since it was ordered new in 1949. As can be seen on the photographs the paint was not carefully applied. Guess for 25¢ it was never intended to be the prized object it has become. There are areas of overpainting and some loss of (or perhaps never applied) paint. The dark area around the eyes is the remains of florescent paint which, as expected, no longer glows in the dark. The pep box magnet is original and complete with its glossy paper label. The magnet does not have square corners or a smooth surface so the label is a bit rough with some fraying and a chip. This is the usual condition of all the boxes we have seen.

The ring is about 2 1/8" from the top of the blue hat to the bottom of the ring. The box is about 5/8" X 1/2". The ring has an open back to adapt for different size fingers. The back of the neck is stamped " © Disney" and the side of the neck is stamped "PAT PEND". The swivel in the neck and the hinge in the beak both work well. The blue eyes are still mounted inside the head although they are hard to see in the photographs. Please write with any specific questions.

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