Davis & Cook Wood Plumb Level Early 26 inch

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Offering this rare cherry wood plumb & level marked "MANUFACTURED BY DAVIS & COOK WATERTOWN N.Y. U.S.A. COOK'S LEVEL PAT. OCT. 20 1903" on the brass glass lens cover on one side. There is a total of 4 brass lens covers, each has a round bevel glass insert that is held in place by the round brass plates, all of the lens are intact. Two other covers are marked "THIS END UP", one on the adjustment side is not marked. The size is 26.0" long overall x 3.5" x 1.37". Please note that the more common Davis & Cook levels have a top plate above the adjusters, where this one has only to round brass inserts, so the plumb and level adjustments are made with screws at the one side (where there is more screws) and the brass plates are more tarnished. The level is designed to lay on one side, so at the top of the wood is marked "TOP", so you have one surface for both plumb and level. Also features wrap around brass end caps in good shape with minor wear on each. The level glass and sights are in very good condition, The finish on the wood is in good shape, look nice, plenty of signs of use, but not abuse. We note two notches where the TOP mark is located, to help keep the top side up, otherwise fairly even wear, no cracks, no missing hardware, a nice useable plumb/level overall. Considering this level is over 100 years old it's well preserved, and is a rare edition of a top quality maker in upstate New York. We have only seen a few like it over the years, rare!

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