Craftsman Yankee Spiral Push Drill w/8 Bits Unique!

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This is a nice clean, unique Spiral push drill marked "CRAFTSMAN MADE IN U.S.A." . It features 8 compartments on an rotary index in the handle that have a total of 8 different sized drills in them (from 1/16"-11/64"). This model push drill has a heavy, solid steel main section of the handle, with a molded plastic rotary end cap. The steel section of the handle is in very good shape, with about 80% of the original blue paint intact. The rotary end cap is in great shape, it has a spring loaded release and a place for each of the 8 sizes of drill point. There is a number and fractional size for each drill on the side of the handle next to the storage hole where each of the drill point should be stored. Of the 8 different sizes of drills included with this push drill, all in very good used to new condition. The push drill is quite nice with about 95% of the nickel plating intact, very nicely polished, a few very minor scratches, none effect the smooth spring loaded movement or use of this tool. All the plastic is in good study condition, not cracked. Basically much like the North Brothers Yankee push drill in function, a few ounces heavier, and is 9" long overall. This push drill uses the + shaped shank drill bits, and not the Yankee bits. This style has a likeness to the Goodell-Pratt, or Millers Falls push drill with some of it's features, and we believe it was made by Millers Falls. A very nice streamlined or bullet shape! Works great, with a good spring and good working screw chuck. A Nice clean tool! Millers Falls made several custom push drill models over the years. Some models used the Millers Falls style drill points, while others used the YANKEE brand type. Be sure to look closely at the pictures of the drill points to be sure you purchase the style you want. Both style drill point are not being manufactured in the U.S.A. currently, so most we offer are either new old stock, or sharp and select used stock, as is the case with this offering. You can be sure that the drill point are sharp and ready to use when you get them.

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