c.1890 Art Nouveau Red Bronze Female Fertility Plaque

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the eternal triangle, the all-seeing eye......sorta. this Art Nouveau plaque/award/statue if you will, is about 13 inches top to bottom; and 14.5 arms out {maybe 2 1/2 inches tall}. I'd guess about 15 pounds of good solid c.1900 red bronze. Machine screws in the back for mounting assistance as the original mounts were gone by the time it got to me. The last 2 pics show a small stress crack that occurred during casting. This was offered by another interested "customer": "The eye is the all-seeing eye. It's one of the symbols from the Masonic lodge. The Triangle is also a symbol representing Christianity in the Masonic lodge. The masons are a group dating back to King Salomon's Temple builders. They were masons., They are a Christian group based on sound reason thought. And so on. I think he is wrong......what do you think?

This was offered by an "Etsier": the masonic fellow is absolutely wrong and likely isn't a mason if he identifies this as the all-seeing eye. The said eye is accompanied with rays that originate with the eye and radiate outward. being a symbol of a "male" god, it would never be surrounded by plant curlicues/ornaments, which are feminine indicators in western art symbolism. what you have here is a vulva with organic decorative motifs to underpin the female aspect of the symbol. and think about it - for it to represent an eye, this plaque would have to be aligned with 2 of its 3 sides to make it a "proper" human eye - and that eye would be askew. not centered. align it with the apex or its 3rd side and you have a vulva slit that *is* vertically centered. quite often such plaques were placed at door or fireplace-sides for striking matches, but as you say it is bronze and not iron, it may not have been a match striking plate.
I think your "mason" friend is either ignorant or trying to squeeze a higher price out of this piece via misrepresentation 

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