Aurora Cruet Canister Set Ornate Quadruple Silver Plated

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This is a very nice Victorian cruet set with 5 glass bottle, two are shakers, two have glass pontils, and the shortest one is a spooner with an opening for a small spoon to fit through the top plated lid. Each bottle has a round section that fits down into the swivel section of the canister, each bottle is much taller than they appear in the pictures by about two inches. There is two areas of minor damage, one are is the inside of the pontil on one only has a section chipped off, but still seals, and is useable. The 2nd area of damage is a dent on the outside section of the swivel part of the canister. There is also some minor silver plating wear around that same outer ring mostly, some minor scratches and wear elsewhere, but about 90% or more silver plating intact. The overall condition is good+ with a working swivel section, all threads and joints in good shape. As you can see we didn't polish the finish, but you can if you choose to. Lots of ornate pattern decorations for cut glass leaves in the glass to a seaside scene (with floral, bird, and sail ship in water) on the outer rim of the swivel section, to the floral lattice work in the center post section! Quite attractive, and hard to find model. The bottom is marked "AURORA S.P. MFG. CO. QUADRUPLE WARRANTED", inside a round logo, with the model number 495 also seen near the logo. The base to top center post is 17.4" high x 8" diameter swivel tray, and the tallest bottle is 9.25" tall including the pontil. Overall a very nice, sturdy, antique cruet set!

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