Antique Thermos Bottle Insert Early Box label

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Offering this early THERMOS brand bottle glass filer or insert, in the original antique box with a very rare THERMOS label on it. The box bottom is intact, however the top of the box has 3 ripped corners, the back of the box is off, but included, could be repaired. The label has a picture of two figures, both have bottles in hand, one is red devilish character to the left, it is a copyright date with a date mark on the label in very small letter under the picture "COPYRIGHT 1905 BY AMERICAN THERMOS COMPANY N.Y." and the label is also marked "THERMOS NO.11 PINT BOTTLE BROWN ENAMEL" and reads in smaller print, "IT'S NEVER TOO HOT OR NEVER TOO COLD FOR THE MAN WITH A THERMOS BOTTLE 212 deg. ABOVE 0 10 deg. BELOW 0". We have not seen one like it before. The label is about 95% intact, some light smudges and staining noted. The bottle insert inside is also marked with a "THERMOS MADE IN U.S.A." and a patent number also. The insert filler is about 2.75" diameter x 7.75" long, and has a 1.38" diameter outside measure mouth. The insert is most likely new never used, no sight of use or damage. Also include is a aluminum screw cap for a Thermos bottle, appears to be used with a slight dent on the top of it, otherwise in good+ condition, useable if you have the correct bottle. The inside opening is 2.28" inside diameter, at the very edge, not over the threads, and is 2.25" long. The early label is unique, we can't say for sure if the bottle insert is as old as the box, nor the cap. There is an original corrigated cardboard wrapper inside the box in round form as well. A unique collectible household item!

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