Antique Scale Fish Tail Cast Iron Basket Counter Top

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This is an 19th century cast iron beam weight scale, sometimes refered to as a fish tail scale as the shape of the base looks a bit like a fish tail on one side with the two curved legs, under the slide scale. The scale is complete except for the slotted weights that would set on the very end hanging lead cover that you see in the pictures. The scale is graduated and reads 0, 1/2, 1, 1/2, and is slotted at the top for the slide scale to indicate the difference in the weight amount that would normally be shown on the slotted weights that are missing. The scale is in working condition, but without the missing weights, can't be used to weigh as is. It comes with a tin footed, scale basket that sits on top of the cast iron table at the top of the scale. The basket is 4.5" high x 8.6" wide, and is 14" long overall. The footed area is 5.37" diameter. The basket is in very good shape, no rust, painted black. The scale is 6.6" tall, the base is 6" x 4.75", and the overall width is 13", without the basket on top. The scale has a little pitting on the top plate diameter, no paint intact, but is not rusty, cracked, or otherwise damaged. With a set of slotted weight, this scale is valued at about $225, plus about $50 for the basket. Since the set of weights is missing the price was adjusted accordingly. A nice clean scale overall!

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Measuring Tools
Antiques (approx100yrs)
mid-late 1800's
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