AIR KING Radio AM SW SB No. 4604-F Veneer Wood Cabinet

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This is a hard to find 1940's vintage, AM/SHORTWAVE radio with a very nice hardwood/Veneer wood cabinet. This one has a very well constructed cabinet with 4 different hardwood control knobs. We have tested this one. The dial lights up when you plug it in and turn it on. We were able to tune in AM stations without attaching an antenna, this model has no internal antenna, so we didn't get any shortwave broadcasts. The off switch also works fine as well at the selector, and the tuning knob features. We are able to tune stations, but the selector on the dial doesn't go all the way across the glass station dial for some reason. We assume that the tuning adjustment is out of adjustment, but it will move about half the scale distance. This one has the original backing, a good paper label on the bottom that reads "AIR KING MODEL 4604-F 110-125 VOLTS A.C. 40 WATTS. It also has a tube diagram on it, and we note it has a phono pick-up input plug on this model also. It doesn't have an internal antenna, but you can hook up an outside type as an option. The clear plastic covering over the dial is fits good, no cracks or damage. The veneer is very nice on the sides and front, but some dried varnish issues on the top that have caused some of the varnish to come off on about 50% of the top. The metal screen type speaker covering must have had a glued on type cross slash type design on it that has come off about 70% of the screen covering, otherwise the screen is well attached and in good shape. The cabinet is 9.75H x 8.75D X 17" Long overall. The finish has a few minor scratches, but polishes up nice, and looks nice. We do not do radio repair work, so we have tried to give an ample description of what works. We didn't get any SW band reception, and we do note that this unit also has another selection on the band knob, "RP" and we didn't pick up anything with that either, but we do live in a rural community also, and have no antenna to attach to this radio for better reception. This one also has a good electric cord and plug, appears original. A good solid, well made, nice looking radio that will play!

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