1874 Harper's Weekly Engraving Centerfold by Thomas Worth Titled "A Dream Of A Christmas Dinner, In Five Parts" Mounted in a Wooden Frame

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This listing is an engraving centerfold from an 1874 Harper's Weekly publication by Thomas Worth titled "A Dream Of A Christmas Dinner, In Five Parts" mounted in a wooden frame with glass. To show the condition of the actual page(s) the picture was removed from the frame. It was found that the actual paper is mounted to the backing with glue. A careful inspection was done and it was discovered that the outer edges have glue on them and there are two small spots in the same visible area that are ripped. These are extremely small and are not all that noticeable. The rest looks to be in excellent condition. There is a slight crease where it was folded in the magazine naturally and there were no other areas found to point out. The frame is in good condition but there are some blemishes on the red portion. This piece could easily be replaced with new colored paper. Please see the pictures for further details.

Dimensions . . .
Frame: 26.65" x 20.45"
Visible Picture: 20" x 14"

The Five Parts Described . . .

The humorous and humongous image begins at the upper left with the first part “Turkey Invited Out to Dine” showing a group of elves fattening up the unsuspecting bird.

The second part is “Skirmishing Against Turkey,” with the bird perched on a tree branch and appearing to enjoy a post-meal pipe as a quintet of elves, knives in hand, ascend to seize him.  One of the elves holds a broadsheet proclaiming the “Arrest for High Trees-On of Mr. Turkey Gobb.”

Part Three is “Turkey Under Fire” as the poor animal, having been dispatched without a visual to document his demise, turns in an enclosed spit rotated by three solemn-faced elves, while others are seasoning him with salt.  Others hold open a door to inspect the roasting bird and another checks the fire.

The fourth part is “Turkey’s Christmas Parade” as the cooked delight is brought in by a team of elves on a large platter followed by all manner of fixings and trimmings, including gravy, covered dishes, cider in a barrel, bottles of wine, olives, mince pie and more.

The final part shows “Turkey’s Guests,” showing a few dozen people being summoned by horn-blowing heralds as the feast is carried toward a dining room.  Naturally, there is one particularly special guest as Santa Claus rides in on a reindeer and exclaims, “I am just in time for dinner.”  At the bottom is a vignette of “The Dreamer,” a male snugly in bed as his vivid fantasy is displayed above him.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
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20.45 x 26.65 x 1.00
Very Good
Paper, Glass, Wood