1692-1705 US Colonial Recoined Silver Billon Sol

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1692-1705 US Colonial Recoined Silver Billon Sol

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1692-1705 era US Colonial Silver Billon Coin struck over a previous silver issue (host)

Listed in Robert Vlack's An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas. Rarity-4, page 13, coin type b. 

Also listed in Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia on page 48, his Breen#277, Rare.

These 1692-1705 billon coins are MUCH MUCH rarer than the 1640 issue with the Fleur de Lys countermarked at the Paris Mint.  I have been collecting these French Regime specified for Colonial America coins for several years.

Thirdly,2010 Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins,Volume One, page 3, lists this issue:  "Beginningin1692 and continuing through 1698, a new issue of sols marques was made. Thye designs were new, but instead of being struck on fresh blanks, many were struck over previous issues of sols.  It is sometimes possible to detect parts of the undertypes on the overstruck coins.  The new issue was rated at 15 deniers when it first came out.

Where is the Redbook on this issue:?

Compared to the silver issues of the Pine Tree 3 Pence and Shillings, these early French Colonials struck specifically for New France, New America, ie Canada, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans, Michigan, upstate NEw York, northern Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine, and yes, CANADA. 

I buy this issue whenever I see them and just sock them away for a rainy day in Los Angeles.

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