Vintage "Fire-Birds" Russian Lacquer Box

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Beautifully hand-painted, vintage Russian lacquer box, from the Kholui school, depicting two mythological fire-birds, "magical glowing birds from a faraway land." Kholui, a village east of Moscow, is known for the unique style and tradition of its lacquer boxes. Kholui artists began developing this style around 1934 after icon painting was outlawed by the 1917 October Revolution. The style was fairly well developed by 1959. These boxes are made of fine papier-mache which does not warp, and are typically covered in 7 - 8 layers of black lacquer. They are decorated with egg tempura paints in a detailed, stylized design, with fine gold ornamentation, usually signed in gold, and then finished with several layers of clear lacquer. It is said that the tiniest brush strokes are made with a single squirrel hair and that the gold adornment is polished with a wolf's tooth. This lacquer box is signed in Russian with the name of the illustration, "FIRE-BIRDS", the school, KHOLUI, and the artist's name, PETROV. The box has the traditional red lacquer interior. It measures about 6 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches. Condition is very good, with light wear to the bottom. Shipping, packaging, and insurance will be $8 - $15, based upon the zip code of the buyer.

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Fine Art
Mid 20th Century
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