Very Rare Antique Chinese Ming Style Ta Bed or Day Bed

Antique Chinese Bed (Very Rare Antique Chinese Ming Style Ta Bed or Day Bed). This Chinese wooden day bed or lohan is over 500 years old, a very rare find and of historic significance. Also referred to as a lady's day bed or "ta" bed. This is probably due to its simplicity and to its relative small size. An interesting aspect of this bed, is that it has a hard surface-no weaving and no cushion. This fact also dates the bed's age. The Chinese during this era would have perhaps added a soft surface to sleep on.

Some of the ramie fabric is still visible. Ramie fabric was used as the undercoat upon which multiple layers of lacquer was applied. Most of the original lacquer has worn away with use and age.

While crafted during the Ming Dynasty, the recessed leg design predates the Ming period design. The design also features a simple apron and rounded legs and stretchers.

Considering its age, the bed is in good condition and sturdy. The wooden bed does have areas where the wood is missing and damaged.

Today a great way to display and utilize this antique bed would be to place a glass on the top and use it as a coffee table. Antique Asian Furniture & Furnishings: Very Rare Antique Chinese Ming Style Ta Bed or Day Bed from Shanxi Province, China.

Item Details

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Furniture & Furnishings
Antiques (approx100yrs)
circa 1500's
(Width x Height X Depth)
74.50 x 22.75 x 22.75
Antique / Good