Vasilios Janopulos, Home Interior, Lithograph

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Artist: Vasilios Janopulos
Title: Untitled 10
Year: circa 1979
Medium: Lithograph, signed and numbered in pencil
Edition: AP
Paper Size: 28" x 20"

The work of Vasilios Janopoulos is elegant and breezy. For those of us whose lives are cluttered with problems, it suggests ease, idleness and a glamorous lifestyle. The beach umbrellas, boats, plants, the elegantly sensual women seated in open airy interiors, all of these images evoke a sunny freedom from responsibility. This accounts in part for their undeniable appeal.

Stylistically, Mr. Janopoulos has borrowed from the masters, but the mix is very much his own. Several works are reminiscent of Dufy. In others, Janopoulos' absorption with the play of line, color, space and pattern indicates the impact of Matisse in the structuring of his pieces.

Mr. Janopoulos' paintings come together with a spontaneous ease. However, the facile surface belies a delicate sensibility. The complex play of line and color and the arrangement of shape and pattern in these works are that of a practiced artist who is extremely comfortable with his craft.

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