Trenton Potteries, Company - New Jersey

Trenton Potteries, Company - New Jersey

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Trenton Potteries, Company - New Jersey
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Beautifully engraved RARE SPECIMEN certificate from the Trenton Potteries, Company. This historic document was printed by the American Banknote Company around 1900 and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of two allegorical women with pottery and paint. This is the first time we have seen this certificate.
Certificate Vignette Trenton was once a major industrial pottery center, and was home to potteries capable of competing in the predominantly European pottery market. Established in 1852, the first Trenton pottery produced tableware. Just eleven years later, a total of ten potteries had located in Trenton. Five prominent potteries - Crescent, Ideal, Empire, Enterprise and Equitable - merged in 1892 and became known as the Trenton Potteries Company (TPC). TPC maintained a number of sites, one of which was the North Clinton Avenue site. The Chicago-based Crane Company was originally a pottery distributor which worked with TPC. However, in 1923, the Crane Company moved into pottery manufacturing and obtained a controlling interest in TPC. Five years later the Crane Company bought out Trenton Potteries. Crane then closed all but two of the former TPC operations. The plant on North Clinton Avenue was one of the two sites which remained in operation and actually became one of the Crane Company's largest and most important sites. At its peak, the North Clinton site employed approximately 1200 of Crane's 1450 Trenton employees. However, by the 1960's Crane had begun to focus upon "modernization and expansion" of other sites, leaving the Crane site as a lesser priority. In 1966, an Operative Potters Brotherhood strike began at the North Clinton factory and continued for almost one year. Then in 1967, the ceramics division of the plant was destroyed by fire. The Crane Company finally discontinued operations at the site in 1970, leaving 400 individuals unemployed. The site was bulldozed in 1972 and has remained empty since that time.


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